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About design by Jo

My artistic story. Born to artistic parents, from the time I was a child I was always interested in creating my own art. It has always felt natural, a part of who I am. From then on, I felt that design and art was going to be my life story. The way I see life is a little different from most people. I see colors, layouts and design aspects in every day life. It is truly who I am - a Graphic Designer.

Education. After graduating high school, I knew right away that my place is in art and design. First, I started attending a local community college with the idea of getting general classes done and transferring to a university to complete my degree. In the community college I started focusing on interior design, but changed my mind soon after realizing that there is more business than the actual design in this field. After taking a semester off to find my new direction I decided to transfer to University of Akron and complete my bachelors degree in graphic design. Which after many years of hard work I did.

Work experience. A semester before my graduation from University of Akron, I got a job as a Graphic Designer for a local Funeral Home. It might seem a bit unusual, but working there I gained a lot of great experience: how to interact with potential clients, how to make my designs work for each individual and their families. It was many hours of hard work, but at the end of the day, I had a great satisfaction of knowing that my designs will make a lasting impression and a memory for each person and their families.

My personal guarantee. I just want to take a moment to ensure you that all of my work is hand made and original with personal touches for each individual that it is for. I consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I am a self critic that pushes to think outside the box to make sure every design deserves to be displayed and be included in the most important days of my clients lives. I will work endlessly until both you, my customer, and I are 100% satisfied with what the end result is to be. It's my personal guarantee to you, that I will not sell something that I would not buy myself.